almanac of governance and development

The Municipal Almanac of Governance and Development consists of an interactive online tool that allows to discover in real time relevant data of the 2,458 municipalities of our country.

main funtions

Get to know, graph and download information in real time of relevant data of events in Mexico related to:

  1. Demography:
    General characteristics of the municipalities such as surface area, ethnic and religious composition, localities, population growth, main community problems, use of indigenous languages, etc.
  2. Socio-economic indicators:
    CLearn about the degrees of marginalization, migration, illiteracy, labor income, population, economic activities and occupation by sector.
  3. Agricultural Productivity:
    In this section you will be able to consult information related to the main crops and agricultural products of the municipalities.
  4. Institutional capacities:
    Analyze and compare relevant data in relation to the history of public investment, social programs, and institutional capacities in all municipalities in the country.
  5. Governance, conflict and crime:
    Updated and historical reports on issues such as incidence of organized crime, social conflicts, confiscations, territorial governance, disappearances and homicides.
  6. Political information:
    Who rules in the municipalities, the party they represent, the historical electoral results at the municipal level, the effective number of parties.
  7. IGeographic information:
    Data on social property, climate, temperature and types of soil of the municipalities of Mexico.

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