We generate a series of instruments and analysis tools from the data in our database which consists of roughly 6K variables that we consider relevant for the study of governance challenges, the analysis of institutional development in the territory, as well as the risk assessment of the social environment,

Some tools we have developed are:

  1. Governance and Development Index
  2. Institutional Capacities Index
  3. Social Conflict Index
  4. Territorial Vulnerability Index
  5. Risk indicators for public, national and international organizations and entities.
  6. Analysis of pre-feasibility of social risk in investment estates.
  7. Pre-feasibility analysis of indigenous consultations.
  8. Control and monitoring boards of risks and opportunities for development.
  9. Social Impact Assessments for infrastructure projects.
  10. Municipal Almanac of Governance and Development (MAGD)

Our analysis work stands out for the concrete, practical and proactive experience in territorial risk management.

We are not simply interested in analysis; we are interested in knowledge to find solutions to face development challenges in all the country's municipalities. We analyze risk factors in a comprehensive manner, assuming the interdependence of security, governance an development factors, with an eye on the opportunities for effective mitigation of problems through the construction of synergies for regional development.