and studies

We are pioneers in the development of databases on governance, institutional development, violence and social conflict. This analytical work draws on our own practical experience in the territory, as well as on the production of studies, research, randomized experiments and impact evaluations.

We have collaborated on important research and studies, including impact evaluations and randomized experiments, which have been published in the most prestigious academic journals

Some of our research collaborations have been acknowledged in studies published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics (, the Journal of Development Economics (, the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (, among others.

Melissa Dell, Ernesto Dal Bo, Rafael de Hoyos (, Federico Finan, Tomás Murphy, Beatriz Magaloni, Tesalia Rizzo (, among others, have been some of the researchers with whom we have collaborated.

We have worked with the Governance and Poverty Lab at MIT, the Poverty, Violence and Governance Lab at Stanford University, researchers from Berkeley University, Colmex, ITAM, Bocconi, Intercultural and Technological Universities, among others.

Among the international organizations and foundations with which we have collaborated are the World Bank (, the Inter-American Development Bank, USAID and the Open Society Foundation.

We have carried out analyses, studies and evaluations for the federal government (Sedesol, Segob, CDI and SEDATU, Pemex, CFE, among others), for state governments (Durango, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Nayarit, among others) and municipal governments. In addition, we have carried out Social Impact Assessments and Pre-feasibility Studies on large investment projects for development.

Governance and Development Statistical Information System

Our Municipal Governance and Development Statistical Information System has about 6,000 variables disaggregated at the municipal level. Our system provides basic information to understand the structural conditions of any point in the country in terms of institutional capacities, conflict and social mobilization, marginalization and development, social and agrarian property, electoral history, economic and demographic composition, productive and environmental characteristics of the territory, crime and violence, among other topics of interest.

Through this system, we generate, among diverse analysis tools, a Social Environment Risk Panorama and a Municipal Governance and Development Information Almanac on the 2,456 municipalities of the country; Governance and Development Indexes, Institutional Capacity Maps, Impact Assessments and Regional Analysis Studies. Translated with (free version)