For the past 20 years, working in the most conflict ridden regions of Mexico, we have developed a model of intervention that has proved to be successful in bringing together the capacities of communities, institutions, social organizations and private initiative to jointly promote the solution of regional development challenges. In particular, by building these synergies we seek to solve the public problems that generate conflict and hinder the well-being of the communities.

We offer core services of risk analysis and management of the social environment for each of the phases of the investment, construction and infrastructure operation:

  1. The Preliminary Diagnosis of Risks (social, security and governance).
  2. Risk Analysis, both on the structural conditions (through our Municipal Statistical Information System for Governance and Development) and on the prevailing dynamics in social conflict, economic and social development and care for the environment.
  3. Compliance with Regulatory Processes that require both social management and the use of solid instruments of analysis: Equator Principles, Social Impact Assessment, Public and Indigenous Consultations, Negotiation of rights, Agreements for Investment in Social Responsibility, Benefit Sharing, Agreement for the Creation and Operation of Infrastructure, among others.
  4. Management and Monitoring of Risks in the Social Environment through the generation of community promotion processes and permanent intermediation between communities, the three levels of government and public or private investors.

risk management services in the social environment

Ahrough our Network of Social Promoters, we establish relationships of trust in the communities in order to carry out development projects, generate productive and ordered environments, as well as reinforcing social cohesion, social and political inclusion, and the capacities to attend to public problems of citizens and government. 

Through this model of social intervention:

  • We kick start development processes in the most difficult territories.
  • We establish relationships of trust in the communities.
  • We monitor risks and opportunities.
  • We interact with the main social, economic and institutional actors of the territory, facilitating the articulation of their interests.
  • We identify the investments for development that most help to promote an environment of productive well-being and reconciliation of interests, with a comprehensive perspective of local problems.
  • We manage conflicts and problems by channeling them to the relevant institutional windows.
  • Our Network strengthens the presence of the State and multiplies public investment, connecting it with the problems most felt by the community.
  • We concentrate social energy in the search for solutions, putting aside the logic of conflict.
  • We verify the work of State institutions looking for opportunities to strengthen their presence and capacity.
  • We carry out social management tasks for regulatory compliance and infrastructure construction.

We carry out social management tasks for regulatory compliance and infrastructure construction.

Our work methodology has allowed us to generate synergies to carry out indigenous consultations that materialize investment in communications infrastructure, to train and empower community members and thereby achieve their inclusion in productive chains and well-being for families.